On a Sleep in or Sleepover duty, we are on hand, in the client’s home, for them to call as they need. You provide a bed for our carer, but you have peace of mind, that there is someone on hand if required. Our shifts are from 9pm/10pm through to 7am. We are also flexible to suite the needs of the people we support.
Loosely defined, a sleep-in is a night shift where you sleep at the workplace, so you are available to support people during the night. A waking night shift means you must stay there overnight and work as you would during the day, so there is usually no chance to sleep.

The following information was updated in 2018 and is taken directly from the government website:
The law regarding sleeping nights is complicated and as is often the case depends upon what is agreed in your contracts. Therefore, it is usually up to the individual to determine their expectations as to whether they expect to be paid for sleep ins or for waking nights.
If it is not hitherto stipulated, it could be left to your employer’s discretion (and often advantage). Mutual understanding and discretion is always understood between 2 parties.